The original slice of Germany in Bangkok

German Kebab Bangkok

Our Story

At Berlin’s Doner Kebab, the quality of food and service meets your highest expectations. A homely feel in the ambiance elevates the customer experience to the next level.

Our story starts with two friends who met each other in Krabi 6 years ago. At that time, one of them was Chef de Cuisine and the other was Operation Manager (Food& Beverage). 

Both the founders worked across the country in luxury hotels for 7 years before they decided to quit their jobs to pursue their dream of introducing the concept of Berlin’s Doner Kebab Bangkok, Thailand. Lately, one was serving as Executive Chef and the other as Director of Food and Beverage. In sum, it’s a tale of two friends who become business partners. Why the name Berlin’s Doner Kebab? In the 1970s, Turkish guest workers introduced and popularized the doner kebab in Berlin, Germany. Soon it developed into a particular style from Berlin. This is the reason we have Berlin in the title.

What makes us unique is the fact that both of our founders have years of experience in serving guests in various luxury hotels. Such a humongous experience in the industry enables us to maintain the highest quality

Why Us?

Conveniently located at Soi Sukhumvit 22, a few minutes walking distance from the BTS Phrom Phong, Berlin’s Doner Kebab Bangkok offers a wide selection of authentic options in its menu. Relish every bite with a perfect combo of taste and aroma.We don’t just do it. We put our heart and soul into it. We take pride in what we do, and that’s what differentiates us from others. We feel pleased when you enjoy yourself. We import meat beef and lamb directly from Australia. The homemade bread, garden-fresh salad, imported meat, and the signature sauces make us the ultimate choice. Our menu features the best options with German Doner Kebab Bangkok Thailand, signature sauces, and salad.

Kebab Bangkok
Kebab in Bangkok

Best Doner Kebab in Bangkok

Brought to by your own native German Chef, the Berlin’s Doner Kebab Bangkok, Thailand, offers you a range of authentic options in addition to the Original German Style. To keep the freshness alive, we bake the bread daily. 

Adding a small handful of sesame seeds makes the chewy textured, wonderfully aromatic, and yeasted wheat loaf more refined and palatable.
Now, it’s time to add a tasty slice of meat of your choice (beef, lamb, or chicken) that suits your taste buds.

Beef & Lamb Kebab

With an imported beef chuck roll and marinated lamb shoulder, your beef/lamb kebab Bangkok is ready to be served. To ensure the tenderness and taste, our chef seasons the slices of meat with spices and marinates them with olive oil and milk.

doner kebab

Chicken Kebab

The delicately marinated chicken makes your presence at the Berlin’s Doner Kebab Bangkok festive and an unforgettable time.

doner kebab
Relish the super original taste of doner recipe that features top-quality and classic ingredients with our very own distinctive twists. What distinguishes us from others is the strong emphasis on keep sourcing the best of the best ingredients and the top quality grilled meats that are worth dying for.

Want something else, really?


Flavored and prepared from the heart of the fresh and open kitchen, we are taking the moment of satiating your craving to another level with our professional cooking technics and twists. Every item is loaded with healthy, premium, and reliable ingredients including homemade recipes.
For a change, you can go with the veggie option:

We source the ingredients for Falafel from a local supplier who prepares it at home.

doner kebab

The Exclusive Gym Box

The gym box is, especially, for those valued customers of ours who go to the gym regularly. This box is a spot-on meal for you to trigger your muscle growth with low fat, less carb, and more fibers. Grab your deal with this even healthier option.
Enough is said about the exclusive packages we are offering, visit Berlin’s Doner Kebab Bangkok, and enjoy yourself eating some delicious treats with us here in Bangkok, Thailand.


The Original Doner Box

The Original Box comes with meat and fries with an option to add the salad.
The Original Doner Kebab Bangkok

You are planning to visit us for the first time and a little bit confused which option to start with. We highly recommend you to go with the Original. Coupled with our unique style, Original Doner Kebab offers you a delightful chance to sate your appetite instantly.
Served inside a freshly baked bread, the juicy slice of meat, accompanied by chopped lettuce, cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes, and onions will make your appetite insatiable. We are confident that every bite you take will definitely delight you.
Moving on, how we can forget to tell you about the special sauces at Berlin’s Doner Kebab.

Chef Choice Sauces


Our special sauces complement your doner time. Tzatziki (Garlic Sauce) Berlin’s Special (Tomato Sauce), Yogurt, and Thai Spicy Sauce are ones worth-mentioning here which are sure shots to please your palates.
Make sure you covered each of our signature sauce options, all available in individual pieces and sets along with fries and soft drinks.

The Original Homemade Lemonade

Must try our homemade lemonade, a healthy drink option that contains a mixture of various healthy ingredients including lime, mint, honey, and elderflower.
Charge up right away with this organic energy booster.

Homemade Lemonades

Don’t Think Anymore!


In nutshell, out of many ways of doing kebabs Bangkok, Thailand, we chose the most reliable option that guarantees the best customer experience. We take pride in what we do because we know the value proposition connected with it. With the doner treat, we recreate a moment of having original doner kebab in Berlin for our European guests.

The meat cuts (imported from Australia) are freshly marinated and spiced. All the ingredients we offer are 100% homemade including all sauces. The vegetables we use are 100% organic and sourced locally. We make every piece of bread every day in the morning.
Berlin’s Doner Kebab is way more than just a fast-food vendor. Our value-centric approach is to satisfy our customers with top quality foods and customer services. Our success is to make this food journey of yours with us a memorable moment.